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Is this part of your well being strategy? Parenting Classes?

In this article on City firms hiring Parenting consultants to give seminars on how to be a parent one might be surprised but the reality is organisations can do quite a lot to help the mental well being of their staff in all sorts of home/life situations that cause them stress, this just being one example.

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Those 'Do you know who I am?' moments

What does it take to be a real classy boss?

Well a Reddit survey of those who work for the super rich, seems like you have to hit 20+ million to be gracious enough to handle your wealth and attitude, properly. So what kinds of things do the less well educated (into wealth that is) do to their staff?

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Is being more HUMAN the HR antedote to acting more corporate? 4 ways to be more 'human'

I gave a talk yesterday at the American University of Rome (23rd June) on Culture and Business and as our discussions progressed we came to the conclusion, that despite many cultural differences, especially between those are united by a common language (?!?!) underneath it all we are still human beings that are looking for respect.

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