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Are you missing an opportunity to show how HR can make a real difference (and boost your reputation)?

An ROI process is a must for every HR and HRD function as over 300 case studies prove…

For years, proving that you are capable, flexible, at the top of your game and can deliver great results has been at the top of the agenda for many HR or HRD functions.  Gaining the credibility and respect you deserve is a natural desire, however, often great work goes unnoticed and forgotten in the ‘busyness’ of business, too much noise.

So how can we systematically prove we make a difference at every level of HR and HRD?

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5 tips on how to improve your HR analytics

Using data is the buzz skill in HR and (word of course). But is it here to stay?

Most definitely yes. People data has long the most sought after set of information, the holy grail of organisational decision making, to make choices based on data, real information.

We do it with our customers, but we've only played amateur games with it before, because we've never had real tools and no-one had faith in the information that came out of it and probably we didn't measure the right things. Absence of course is at the top of my list on this subject.

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Don't be an HR Dinosaur! 3 reasons why the finance department should be your best friend

Ever thought finance was your enemy?

Those complicated budgets and accounting systems and terminology might be the scurge of previous decades of HR, however today a poor understanding of how to build a convincing business case, use financial data to back your proposals or how to moneterise HR outcomes into ROI value is a must.

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