Is your mobile the answer to all your learning needs?

In this article Vodafone claim that their mobile learning solution and their is the saviour of their world. Whilst I may be adding a little drama here, it reflects their level of enthusiasm for their, perhaps well thought through solution.


Haven't we been down this path already you might ask?
Didn't that fail dismally you may comment?

First I believe the thinking has moved on somewhat, as the technology has. They say they meet all training needs, by scaffolding in peer to peer learning. May be it does, but limited face to face interaction of course saves money but how does the senior management get involved in these solutions?

The take up is high at 97% once a month, but used also as a communication tool, are they doubling the benefits or is it a simple reflection of how they should be operating as a business i.e. you would expect to see a mobile phone operator using the technology for it's own benefit.

Is there anything we non-techs can learn from this?
Yes, by combining elements such as communication, you not only dual benefit the technology but encourage accidental access to the learning tools, it's there in front of you.

Not having seen it first hand, I can only assume it's quite engaging, well that's my hope and adaptable as they say, to different learning styles.

Technology can do so many things. Track learners, encourage, help people when they need it most..a live element of asking questions would be fantastic if peer to peer isn't fast enough, inspire with ideas and in-depth information on why things should happen in a particular way. So much, but what about the drawbacks?

The drawbacks?
It's as big as your screen and as human as a toilet brush. People are using it out of hours. Limits (they are shrinking) but they still exist. If it can inspire as much as a human can then bravo, I'm all for it. If it's as dull as dishwater people will switch off eventually in droves.

There are some very practical things online learning can't help you with, yet. However that could easily be change in the future...and is an element I'd really like to see. Interaction with solid objects or environments.

Watch out peoples. Your L&D manager could your IT manager!