Strategic Time and Priority Management Masterclass

Thursday, 11th May, 2017, 9.00am - 4.30pm



DeVere Holborn Bars, Holborn, London


£295.00 - limited spaces

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Recent praise for the event:

"Really useful, great tips, feel energised!" - Peter V. HR Manager, Telecoms

"I feel more in control and won't let email take me over!" - Shirley C. HRBP, Insurance


The value that we add in any role either in HR or L&D is critical in demonstrating value for money, but also building a strong and credible reputation.

Ensuring we stay on track, aligned to the right strategic direction and be disciplined about our focus helps us become a productivity ninja!

Managing the workload and stress in other teams and across the organisation is also key in promoting well being and preventing presenteeism.

The challenges of staying in control, managing stress, developing GRIT, helps us deal with life's constant challenges in every aspect of what we do.

Time is a resource that is finite. 24 hours in the day. We can't get more, but we can focus on how we use that time to best advantage - achieving more with less.

In every role in just about every organisation, productivity is a key focus in the fast and high pressured world that we live in.

It's never been more important to equip ourselves with the right thinking and attitude, practical skill sets and knowledge of time management tools to maximise our productivity whilst keeping our sanity - key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Especially where technology is involved.

Key Benefits

This masterclass will empower you to:

    • Understand the fundamentals principles of time and prioritisation management (TPM)
    • Grow awareness of their own preferences and ways of thinking that are barriers to becoming a Time and Priority Management expert
    • Keep energised and focused through the day (and difficult times)
    • Understand your priorities and the priorities of the HR or L&D function
    • Establishing what's important and when to act on it
    • How to manage your diary better
    • Plan for the un-plannable
    • Increase your mental toughness, GRIT, handle stress and act assertively
    • How to improve stress and well being across your organisation
    • Deal effectively with paperwork, electronic files, emails, telephone calls and difficult people

    Who Should Attend?

    • Those who have a responsibility for well being strategy and want some practical insight into the everyday challenges employees face and how to deal with them


    • HR and L&D professionals who want to maximise their potential and drive better results for their organisation by developing their personal effectiveness


      Strategic Time and Priority Management for HR,
      Masterclass Focus Areas


      This masterclass will empower you to:


      • Introduce yourself and goals for the day
      • Outline the Principles of Time & Prioritisation Management (TPM)
      • Define success - thinking, skills and knowledge excellence

      understanding the BARRIERS TO SUCCESS

      • Emotions vs Logical Thoughts and Approaches
      • 4 levels of time mgt
      • Am I doing the right things?
      • Good pressure vs negative pressure, the pressure cooker (stress)
      • Biggest impact on TPM : The Levers of success (4)
      • Common time wasters and how to overcome them


      • Motivation checklist
      • Mountain climbing (aspirations and goals)
      • Concentration and Energising yourself
      • Getting in the ZONE - The Flow model


      • The Covey 5 Choices
      • Pickle Jar Theory
      • Transformational vs Transactional
      • Important vs urgent - Activity Matrix

      Planning and personal effectiveness

      • Prioritised to do lists
      • GRIT (the questionnaire) and mental toughness
      • Building personal resilience
      • Developing your assertiveness
      • Stress and TPM, personal, team and organisational


      • Time consumers and remedies
      • Handling electronic & paper files and other paperwork
      • Concise conversations
      • Dealing with difficult people
      • Managing your email - making rules, avoid becoming an addict
      • Managing your workspace


      • Next step actions
      • Top tips for TPM Experts



      This highly interactive event will include many practical exercises and multiple case studies to embed learning.

      Your Expert Masterclass Leader

      Your expert for this masterclass is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 25 years experience in experimenting and implementing time management and self improvement system, he has probably tried every app, system and filofax you can name, but has only discovered a few that really work. He shares those tips and experiences with you on your journey to take back control of your time.

      More praise (some people call them reviews, for the event):

      "Brilliant tips, I can implement the email rules straight away" : Peta D. - L&D manager - Food Retail


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      Thursday 11th May, 2017

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