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What type of project manager are you?

  • What skills are required and how can you be a real success as a project manager or even more effective as a project leader?




The future of technology and HR...what must we think about and what action must we take now. John Fillingham MD of Thinking HR gives his views.

HR and Technology - what should be looking out for?

  • HR and technology - in context and the future. HR needs to act now to support staff in the mental, physical and behavioural issues in the tech space.




  • Everyone is re-thinking performance mgt, but is this all smoke and mirrors?

Performance Management is back on the agenda as the whole concept comes up for review. Here are our 8 tips to create the perfect performance management system for your employees.

  • Performance Management from an Employee's Perspective








  • John Fillingham rants on the subject of Values and the spurious material circulating on the internet.
  • Here we explore performance reviews from a slightly lighter angle....

My HR rant on Values in organisations - so much rubbish is circulating in articles right now and HR functions need to get it right.

Performance Management hiccups! What would you give as feedback? John Fillingham explores some classic performance mistakes and asks..what would you say?

  • John Fillingham's Ted Talk on Older workers and Introverts/Extroverts
  • The Gender pay gap

In the first in a series of 'Ted' talks about HR issues, John Fillingham, Director of Thinking HR discusses issues surrounding older workers in the workplace and the differences of reality for introverts and extroverts.

14th July 2015 - Lots of news this on week on pay - Living Wage and the Equality Pay reporting initiative from the UK Government

  • John Fillingham talks about the latest news from the HR world on talent management.
  • Generation Y, do we need a new approach? Are we missing out on vital talent?

The Thinking HR news desk. John Fillingham talks about the latest news from the HR world on talent management.

HR# approaches to Generation Y, need a refresh as process and leadership need to change in the wake of a new generation of employee